Top 10 kỹ thuật Hacking năm 2013

Sau đây là danh sách top 10 kỹ thuật Hacking của năm 2013

  1. The Case of the Unconventional CSRF Attack in Firefox
  2. Tor Hidden-Service Passive De-Cloaking
  3. Top 3 Proxy Issues That No One Ever Told You
  4. Gravatar Email Enumeration in JavaScript
  5. Pixel Perfect Timing Attacks with HTML5
  6. Million Browser Botnet Video Briefing
  7. Auto-Complete Hack by Hiding Filled in Input Fields with CSS
  8. Site Plagiarizes Blog Posts, Then Files DMCA Takedown on Originals
  9. Ruby on Rails Session Termination Design Flaw
  10. HTML5 Hard Disk Filler™ API


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